Frequently Asked Questions


Q:    Does the Charles Christian Tuller House accept anyone who needs housing?

A:     We are a 12 step recovery-focused program.  We do, however, accept  

         residents from primary treatment centers and take referrals for individuals, under extenuating                         circumstances. 

Q:    How long am I required to reside at The Tuller House once a resident? 

A:    The length of stay at the House is 6 - 8 months, but we do make limited exceptions when             

        circumstances necessitate.

Q:   If I have a family member in jail, can I make a referral?

A:    No, a family member can not make a referral, but they can reach out to the Department of Corrections,            Community Supervision, or Diversion Court and have them contact The Tuller House for consideration.

Q:   How long will it take before I know if I've been accepted to the house?

A:    The applicant is typically notified at the end of the screening process.

Q:   What is the next step after screening and acceptance into the house?

A:   The courts or other legal entities have to establish a release date for the individual so that they                          can come to The Tuller House.  Unfortunately, The Tuller house has no control over when the                           individual will be released.

Q:   How long once I'm at the Tuller House before I'm able to go visit my family?

A:   There is a 30 - 45 day limited movement policy. Individuals are not allowed to get passes until they're in         phase II of the program.

Q:  Can my family come visit while I'm at the Charles Christian Tuller House?

A:   Yes, you are allowed approved visits. You have to coordinate this with staff. 

Q:  Will my Probation/ Parole Officer, Diversion Court Coordinator, or other stakeholders know what's                going on with me while I'm at the Tuller House?

A:   Yes, everyone who has a direct legal involvement will be updated routinely.​


Q:   Will the Charles Christian Tuller House keep my family updated? 


A:   The counselor will only disclose information to people that are designated to receive information by way         of a signed ROI (or Release of Information), which consents to the disclosure.

Q:   What happens after my months is up?

A:    During the course of a resident's stay, staff will be working with the resident to develop a discharge plan         to include a saving plan to ensure that a safe transition to independent housing is possible. The                       objective of one's stay at the house is to develop the skills and confidence to make this move smoothly            and become a happy productive member of the community.