We are a men's re-entry and recovery-focused halfway house located in Covington, GA. We get down in the trenches to aid our residents in navigating the many challenges involved in transitioning back into their respective communities. The house is set up to provide a safe, serene and positive environment for individuals to build a new crime and drug-free life centered around change and becoming a better person. The CCT house assists residents in developing basic life skills, making healthy choices, exploring career options, guidance with personal finances, and peer-led support groups.  Additionally, we require 12-Step Program attendance, of the resident's choosing. These tools boost self-esteem and provide residents a way to break free of their self-defeating behavior, thinking, and attitudes. Especially because these elements tend to lie at the root of the addiction and criminal involvement.                                                     



    We work with individuals from:

  • Treatment Facilities

  • Accountability Courts

  • RSAT 

  • State & Federal Prisons (In the State of Georgia)

  • Dept. of Community Supervision (Probation & Parole)



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The Charles Christian Tuller House

3156 Spring St.

Covington, GA 30014

Phone: (678) 712-6481

Email: tullerhouse@gmail.com

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